Why can’t I grow nice grass under my Chestnut tree?

Question by Daniel Moi: Why can’t I grow nice grass under my Chestnut tree?
For years I have planted, fertilized and cared for the grass under this tree just I have every other part of my large lawn and landscaping. But for some reason the grass around the outer perimeter (about a 3-foot wide ring that extends around the tree at the outer radius of the tree branches) is very thin and brown. It’s almost as if the leaves are dripping a chemical at the outer reaches of the branches that keeps the grass from growing beneath it. Any idea what could be going on?

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Answer by sciencegravy
There are some chestnut trees that are alleopathic in nature. That is, there is a chemical in the leaves and roots that may interfere with germination and root growth of some plants in the vicinity.

I don’t know if that’s what’s happening to you, but if the zone having difficulty is around the drip line, it does kinda sound like it….though I would have guessed that ALL the grass within the canopy would be affected if that was the problem.

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clickbankimage2 Why cant I grow nice grass under my Chestnut tree?

Question by : When will the grass not be wet in the mornings?
It’s annoying, it has been wet when it’s hot outside and right now when it’s 40 degrees outside. I’ve been taking care of this lady’s dogs each weekend when she is on business for awhile, and the grass is always soaken wet no matter what temperature it has been on each weekend, and my shoes get soaken wet when I walk them in the fields. She lives in the country with woods and fields surrounding her house.

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Answer by 7thapplepicker
morning dew bothers you? wow. pray for a drought or something. curse you water giver of life you disturb the temperature of my feet!!!!!

anyways just kill her grass off. oil products and byproducts work well so start having numerous oopsy barrell spills.

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