Which is the best fertilizer for citrus fruit trees?

Question by leachelaine1: Which is the best fertilizer for citrus fruit trees?
I have lime, grapfruit, pomelo and tangerine trees. What type of fertilizer should I use?

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Answer by mentalvalor
You want a balanced fertilizer because your tree will use each ingredient. You want 10-10-10.

The first 10 is nitorgen. By content, 10% of the composition is nitorgen. Nitrogen helps plants to grow dark green leaves and absorb more sunlight.

The second 10 is phosphate. Again, 10% by composition. Phosphate helps plants to develop flowers and hence yield more fruit.

The last 10 is potash. Potash helps plants to grow strong root systems.

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Question by : what is the best fertilizer for a litchi nut tree?
i heard that nitrogen can damage the leaves and that they dont need much. but i need to make the soil acidic. how can i make it more acidic without using fertilizer with nitrogen? thanks

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clickbankimage2 Which is the best fertilizer for citrus fruit trees?

Answer by daylily
Lychee trees do best with natural organic fertilizers made from compost, seaweed or kelp. Artificial fertilizers can easily burn the tree roots and kill the natural food web organisms, such as earthworms, that live in the soil. Earthworms are beneficial to the lychee tree soil and should be added if they are not already present.

Compost provides a natural and readily accessible source of nitrogen. Fully composted manure can be used, but not raw manure. Mulching also supplies some organic components to the soil. Lychee trees prefer an acidic soil. Lychees will grow in a pH range of 5.5 to 7.5 but do best in the more acidic range of 5.5 to 6.5.


This article covers natural fertilizers:


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Question by zane: Is fertilizer a good way to make money?
I recently started a lawn care business and wondered if i could make a good profit on fertilizing the grass as an extra, but charge more. If so, should i buy one that makes it real green, or make it grow fast but not so perfect green? I mow lawns and edge, but i dont know if I should also advertise fertilizer as a service we could do also.
———————–PS. I need to know how much i should charge for it and how much money i should spend on fertilizer. Thanks

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Answer by renee k
depending on where you live to apply fertilizer with or with out bug control etc. you need an applicators license

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