What order should I put down Grub Ex, weed & feed and grass seed?

Question by Justin: What order should I put down Grub Ex, weed & feed and grass seed?
I have a mole problem in my backyard that I need to take care of, and I also need to fill in bare spots and get rid of weeds. I have a bag of Grub Ex, weed & feed and grass seed. What order should I put these down in? Also, how long should I wait between applications?

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Answer by sciencegravy
A mole’s diet is 90% earthworms. Killing grubs will not fix a mole problem.

If you’re seeding, don’t use weed & feed until you’ve mowed 2-3 times. The herbicide in weed & feed may say it kills broadleaf weeds, and NOT grass…but that means established grass. infant grass seedlings may be damaged by it. Use a new lawn starter, or winterizer as fertilizer with the new grass seed, and skip the “weed” part for now.

Grub ex and weed & feed can be used at the same time – they don’t interfere with each other. But I’ll repeat – if you have mole problem, that does NOT mean you have a grub problem, and killing grubs doesn’t mean your moles go away.

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Question by 2K: Where would I buy grass seed or sod in NYC, which would be better?Is It too late?
I recently rented a ground floor apt with a private back yard in Manhattan,Of course it’s surrounded by a wall, its shaded but adequete sun, I benefit from the trees next door , the outer edges have planters built and plants that already exist are growing nice. there is a walkway all around the yard and in the center there is a nice large big square of dirt(it would take a couple of pallets ofsod I would imagine, (the area was covered with wood chips last year by previous tenent.) I long to have this all covered with grass, I have a small apt and a yard 4 times its size.I have no idea how to go about this, timing , conditions , care etc.the space is way too beautiful not to create some type of habitat. preferably one where I can walk outside barefoot in the damp morning grass and “ground ” myself , I can t afford to hire gardeners or landscapers, it’s a DIY project. Any advice?
also where do I find this in nyc?

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Answer by xtowgrunt
You’re better off with sod this time of year. It’s a bit more labor intensive at hte onset than seeding, but provides a more instant gratification.

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