How should I get rid of wheat in my yard?

Question by hero712002: How should I get rid of wheat in my yard?
We just bought a house where the crazy old man planted about half an acre of wheat in the back yard. It is too tall to just use my lawn mower to mow it down. I am not a farm girl so I have no idea what other tool I need to use. Any ideas?

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Answer by ~*purple princess*~
Cut it down and make some bread. Haha. SUcks to be you.

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clickbankimage2 How should I get rid of wheat in my yard?

Question by Trekbabe: what is the difference between a rotovator and a cultivator?
I have recently cleared out my garden and I have a terrible mess where my lawn used to be. A lot of plants grew wild and there must be a fair few roots down there. The soil is medium to heavy and I just want to turn it all over and start again. I don’t know which tool to use, a rotovator or a cultivator. They seem to be very similar in all aspects except the price. Any advice would be most welcome. Thank you.

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Answer by old know all
They’re all cultivators. Rotovator is a brand name.

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