How do I keep frogs out of my patio garden containers?

Question by : How do I keep frogs out of my patio garden containers?
I decided to put in a patio garden this year using 5 gallon red wood barrels. The frogs are digging into the soil and are killing the roots of my plants. I don’t want to kill them because they help with the fly and mosquito population, but I also want my garden to produce.
I just found out the frogs are really “toads.” I never knew the difference before. Either way, they are still a problem in my patio garden.

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Answer by hotlexus56
First are you sure that they are frogs and not toads? I have never heard of frogs digging holes, but have heard of toads doing it to get at grubs and worms. Anyway you can use thin sheet metal to create a guard around the pots by cutting and bending it to fit the pots, then just use small self drilling screws to fasten the sheet metal to the pots, just be careful and use a file to remove the sharp edges on the sheet metal after you cut it.

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clickbankimage2 How do I keep frogs out of my patio garden containers?

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Answer by serendpity069
have you thought about a fire pit?

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