Does ash from firewood make good fertilizer?

Question by Mike: Does ash from firewood make good fertilizer?
I have some ash from a recent bonfire and was wondering if it would be good fertilizer for growing grass or flowers?

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Answer by Roseann B
Ash can be acid, and if anything was burned in the bonfire, say creosote posts or paper with inks or dyes, I do not use it in edible garden beds. It helps me to keep out snails and roses love it, however. Just be sure what is in the ashe befor eyou use it. Simply spread on the lawn make a good addition to the soil.

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clickbankimage2 Does ash from firewood make good fertilizer?

Question by edgar: how to make my clipped grass to fertilizer?
i have these plenty of clipped grass (dried ones) i just wonder if i could make this as organic fertilizer,if so can you please advise how to make it and what are the proceedures.tnx God bless

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Answer by michael w
make a pile of clippings and leaves and organic food scraps, let it ferment for a year or so. the material will begin to decompose making compost. it stinks so make sur it’s far enough away from ur house. turn it with a pitchfork every month or 6 weeks so new material is on the inside of the pile and everything ferments the same amount

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